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learning AND playing at work?!? 2008 July 25

Filed under: pre-launch — nova @ 5:27 pm

when i found out that CML was going to initiate the Learn & Play @CML, i was so happy.  finally, a chance for ALL staff to learn about Web 2.0 technologies, while we’re at work!  i know we are all probably familiar with or have heard about lots of Web 2.0 stuff (Flickr, Twitter, RSS feeds, etc.), but not all of us may use them or really know what they do and *why* they are popular.  that’s what is so great about Learn & Play @CML.  finally ALL staff will have the opportunity to learn more about what our customers are using and hopefully clear up any mystery or confusion that anyone might have about these things.  i hope that staff can discover and use some of these technologies they didn’t know about when they started.  i hope staff will help each other in their discoveries.  and i hope staff will explore, share, and learn while playing and having fun!  (while we’re at work!)

i look forward to learning and playing with everyone!  see you on august 12th!  🙂


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