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keeping busy with lifelong learning… 2008 August 17

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wow, what a week it’s been for the kickoff of learn & play!  i’ve been super busy with maintaining the l&p blog, and suddenly realized that i couldn’t neglect my own blog.  we had michael stephens in on tuesday, august 12th, and he didn’t disappoint!  i’ve been talking about him for four years now and it was so great to finally have him come to CML.  he’s like a rock star in the library world, you know!  😉

i had what i think was a great learn & play moment last week that i have to share.  one thing i had been stuck on for weeks while trying to get the learn & play blog ready was to set up an email subscription service so that people who are participating from the community can the blog updates via email.  well, i couldn’t remember the name of the web tool that did this.  helene was trying to help me and she thought it was feedster.  well, there was a feedster at one time, but it’s gone now.  so, i ended up just having to move on to different things and hope that i’d figure something out later.  not the best resolution, but it was all i had at the time.  well, last weekend i was on facebook and i saw a status update from one of my friends that said something about subscribing to his feed.  i clicked on it and, YES, there it was, FEEDBURNER!!!  so, once i had the name of the correct tool, thanks to my friend, i then had to figure out how to get it into the learn & play blog.  i poked around in the back end but couldn’t figure out where to put the code.  so, i turned to my teammates, because that’s the best way to learn: ask for help!  it was sam to the rescue after that.  he put the code in and it was ready to go in time for our kickoff.  and, of course, he showed me how i was missing one step and pretty much overthinking the problem.  it is true that sometimes i think too much!

i like watching the seven and a half habits of lifelong learners video, no matter how many times i’ve seen it.  😉 i get scared sometimes and worry that my brain will give up on me before my body (’cause the body’s already going downhill, haha), and because of what happened to my mother.  so i exercise my mind and attempt to keep it sharp, and i believe that if i can keep myself in the state of mind where i’m open to receiving and learning new information, then i will.  it’s as simple as that.  and stressing that importance of play is so very vital.  i think the climate at CML is changing and i think this program will help bring people together.  i’m not trying to be all “hearts and flowers and unicorns” here, but i do think we’re on the brink of something big.  something that will change the organization and, what i really hope, is that it will change each of us.


3 Responses to “keeping busy with lifelong learning…”

  1. . Says:

    I loved this template!! Can you me the website this template is from?

  2. . Says:

    Which website did you get this template from?

  3. R C Says:

    LOL….OMG ..that feedburner thing. Since I was having so many problems with bloglines, I cancelled my feedburner reader and opted for the google reader, but in the future (when I know more about what I am doing) I plan to revisit it. Sounds like you are getting into this neck deep and loving every minute of it. Thanks for your positive go get em attitude.

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