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Internet Librarian 2008 2008 October 20

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sam and i just finished our IL presentation and i really appreciate and respect him for how well he did.  knowing that he would do his part prefectly made it so much easier for me to do mine.  i hope we were able to effectively convey our message to the audience.  we go back around 4:15 to have a panel Q&A.  we’ve already had one lady ask to eat dinner with us!  it’s great to come to conferences and make connections.

i was able to see amy and maria give their presentation and they were excellent!  they were so clear and concise and did a great job of explaining our homegrown ILS and how it integrates with Aquabrowser.  great job, ladies!!  🙂


One Response to “Internet Librarian 2008”

  1. So cool to hear about your success in California.

    Nice job Library Joy!

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