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day two (technically, day three) @Internet Librarian 2008 October 22

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i would be kidding you if i said i wasn’t having a great time out here in monterey, but it’s a combination of the conference and the setting. the conference this time around has been the best time i’ve ever had. and, since i’m now familiar with the setting, it feels like coming back to some place comfortable.

i sat in on helene blowers‘ presentation this morning and i’m still constantly amazed at her passion, enthusiasm and skills at not just giving presentations, but inspiring the listeners. when i think how she hasn’t even been at CML for a full year yet, but look at how much we have accomplished since she’s been here, it’s nothing short of fantastic. she said that she was a little nervous because she hadn’t given this particular presentation before, but i certainly couldn’t tell that she was; she is definitely comfortable in front of an audience.

i did manage to work in a pedicure late this afternoon at a spa across the street from the hotel. i’m okay with it, though, as i don’t treat myself enough, in the grand scheme of things…

we had the speakers’ cocktail reception tonight and that was a lot of fun. we met some folks who were former colleagues of helene’s from charlotte and ended up going to dinner with one of them. i also had a chance to get to know even better some of my fellow CML colleagues over dinner. i really think conferences can serve so many purposes… yes, we get to listen and learn about libraries, what other libraries are doing, and how we can improve our own libraries, but we also get a chance to connect with our coworkers in a non-regular-everyday-work-setting and i think that is very valuable. often times we might not want to open up at the office, but find it much easier to talk when we’re having dinner and relaxing. it’s a great way to bond and form lasting friendships. i’m glad that i didn’t come to this conference alone! i do work with some wonderful folks. 🙂

tomorrow we’re meeting helene for breakfast and later in the afternoon macrina, sam and i are going to rent bikes and go to the aquarium, cannery row, and wherever else we end up going. should be fun! i do love the aquarium!!!


2 Responses to “day two (technically, day three) @Internet Librarian”

  1. Jim McCluskey Says:

    thanks for the comment on our blog. this has been the best conference i’ve ever been to–so many great presentations, and just an amazing opportunity to meet so many amazing librarians. I’m totally envious that you get to work with Helene. I was an admin for our libs 23 things program this summer, and I’m totally a fan of hers.

  2. pixelwiki Says:

    Sounds really great out there and surely something you need after all the work back here. BTW, you are missing all the pretty leaves, though. Sees ya’ later.

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