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Thing #17 mmm, google docs! 2008 December 1

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me loves me some google docs! i can’t tell you all the times it’s come in handy. let me think of just one… okay, this past october, sam davis and i were prepping to go to Internet Librarian 2008 and present. one of the first things we did was create our presentation in google docs so that we could both access it no matter where if we were at home or work. and when we got to California, we could still access it and keep a master copy there in case one of our flash drives failed (not that your learn & play flash drive will fail!). from there, i could tell whenever sam edited it and same for him. if i was at home and sam was at work, i could still edit the document and he could still see my edits. it made it very easy to prepare and it was seamless integration with PowerPoint as we experimented with moving it over to PP.

my thoughts are that we get rid of Word, PowerPoint and Excel and encourage our customers to use Google Docs. no more buying floppy discs or even flash drives. they won’t lose their document, even if the computer crashes. think we could ever get our customers to do this? i think some of them already are!


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