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Thing #8 RSS feeds 2008 December 1

Filed under: post-launch — nova @ 2:12 pm

having written and prepared most of the “things” for the Learn & Play and having watched as CML staff have completed them, gives me an interesting perspective. i noticed that most people really said how they liked Google Reader over Bloglines. so even though the exercise was to use Bloglines, and since I’ve used Bloglines for several years now, for this exercise, i’m going to use Google Reader!

first, it’s similar to Bloglines in the way that you can search for feeds and it’s super easy to subscribe to them. i like how at least i can be in my gmail account (which i am every day anyways), and easily see my subscriptions just by clicking on the “reader” link at the top. in fact, i might switch over to Greader since i use so many other Google products. i like how i did a search for a blog and it displayed not only the recent entries but gave me the option to subscribe right away.

so, as much as i ā¤ Bloglines, i think it’s time to move on to newer things. i’m going to switch over to Google Reader now! šŸ™‚


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