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Thing #19 the power tools page! 2008 December 2

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i ❤ the power tools page! not just because i helped create it, but because it finally gives some recognition to Web 2.0 stuff on our site, and because the tools here are so awesome. the toolbar i’m especially proud of because it really promotes CML’s services in one easy-to-access spot. it was shockingly easy to find and create!

of the links in the “tool box,” i know we covered some of them, but i’ll talk about book burro. i like book burro because you can find out other libraries’ holdings for books that you are browsing on the interwebs. book burro automatically recognizes ISBNs and will pop a small box with the libraries listed. you can add and delete the list of libraries that appear in the box. CML is available; they have us listed as “Columbus Public Library,” but at least we’re there. I like using book burro with firefox, of course, as you can modify it right from the “tools” settings in the browser. you can add book stores and libraries in book burro.

so here’s how it works: i’m searching amazon and i find a title i like. i’m on the page for the item and here comes book burro. it pops up and automatically starts searching whatever book stores and libraries i have designated and then the availability for the item is displayed in the popup box. the box sort of floats over the page and you can close it in case it’s annoying you. so it kind of works like out catalog search in the library toolbar, but, with book burro, you don’t even have to enter the title of the book. it knows when you’re looking for a book! i have to disable it when i’m entering titles for featured book on the homepage because, again, it senses an ISBN and it springs into action!

well, that’s my evaluation of book burro. give it a try! use it with firefox because it works best there (duh) and is available as a nifty plugin.


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