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Thing #22 oh, so MOLDI… 2008 December 2

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i’m a fan of audio books! i mean, at heart, i’m a reader and i like to hold and read my books, but not always. i love to listen to audio books when i’m taking a road trip or working on a long project. i’m glad that we have MOLDI so that our customers are able to download audio books, but i wish they would get a bigger collection. i know that publishing rights and things like that probably interfere with them having popular movies and music (can’t make money off them), so i’ll just focus on the books.

to me, it’s a strange collection. many odd titles (A Date with Judy–Oogie Pringle and His High School Hot Licks wtf?), some variety (Revolution by Margaret Cho), and stuff for the masses (Kidz Bop 11). so when i say “strange,” i mean more like ecclectic, i guess. i have tried to download an ebook to a device and the hardest part for me was getting the Mobipocket eBook reader installed on the device. after that, it’s not so hard. now that it works with ipods, i’m sure i’ll try again and see if it really is compatible. 😉 as i mentioned before, i do prefer a real book to an eBook, but the audio books are excellent.


One Response to “Thing #22 oh, so MOLDI…”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I don’t know which I like better. Paper books are great when I am sitting in a comfortable chair with no intention other than to read. Or maybe at a noodle house alone with a big plate of food I might choose crack a book. But I have had a lot of trouble in past reading while walking, driving, working about the house. Audio books have a ton of uses. My problem is that I collected a ton of books on tape(CDs just don’t work for me because of the skipping) and then when I got an iPod they were all useless. That is one of the reasons that we started converting audio books into playable digital files at

    Reclaim Media is currently trying to develop a project to help the Seattle Public Library system affordably convert all of their analog audio books in to digital files so as to be able to offer more digital content

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