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Thing #23 it’s the end! 2008 December 2

Filed under: post-launch — nova @ 1:51 pm

so i did the majority of my 23 Things in two days. i didn’t want to have to do it like that, but i was busy with program details during the largest part of the program, so i guess i take what time i can get, you know? let me run through the questions we are supposed to answer:

  • my favorite discoveries from this learning journey have to be my awesome coworkers here at CML! i’ve discovered PEOPLE! i’ve discovered that i work with an amazing array of talented people and i feel incredibly fortunate. the connections i’ve made as a result of learn and play will stay with me forever. it was also really great to see the excitement from staff as we went through the program
  • this program has assisted me lifelong-learning goals by solidifying how important it is to never stop learning.
  • the biggest take-away and unexpected outcome was how i made new friendships from this program. i didn’t realize everyone would take to twitter so well, or that everyone would like the learn and play videos and actually want to do them with gerald and i. it’s just an incredible feeling of happiness. 🙂
  • i’m not sure what could have been done differently… i know it took a LOT of time on my part to get things ready and maybe i didn’t anticipate all the work that would be involved, but it was highly rewarding work!
  • of course i would participate again! i’ve been trying to spread the Web 2.0 gospel for years now, so it was right up my alley to participate in learn and play.

i think, hands down, this was the most fun i’ve had at the library in the 18 years i’ve worked here. thank you to CML, from admin to staff to the Friends, thank you for letting us Learn & Play!!!!!!!


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