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Thing #7 blog about technology 2008 December 1

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blog about technology??? super! i love technology! yes, there are always the instances when technology doesn’t work or i’m just clueless, but, for the most part, technology rocks. i’m going to talk about my blackberry, since it’s my newest piece of technology that i have right now. here’s what’s so great about it: it’s always on and i’m always connected. i don’t have to be at my house, in my room, sitting at my desktop computer anymore. when i go see my sister this month, i will be taking my technology with me. i won’t need to worry about whether or not i can use her computer or whether or not her internet is working, because i’m bringing it with me. being wireless and portable is what it’s all about. i love being out on a walk and seeing something that catches my eye, so i take a picture of it. then, i want my sister to see it, so i immediately upload it to flickr. i’ve done all this and i’m still on my walk, in fact, the dogs aren’t even warmed up yet and want to keep going, yet i’ve made a connection with only a few simple pushes of some buttons.

now, the technology has to work, of course. i can’t stand getting a new device and not being able to figure out intuitively how it works. if it requires me to be trained on how to use it, chances are i’m not going to want to use it all that much. when i bought my new blackberry, i was able to leave the store and figure out most of it by the second day. i synced my gmail account and calendar and started downloading applications after that. when i got to work, i set up a rule in groupwise that sends all appointments to my gmail account and then when i accept them in gmail, it adds that appointment to my gmail calendar, so that my GW appointments are the same on the blackberry. i wish it would sync with GW, but that’s not possible at this time. so this workaround works pretty well!

i love technology and i love this new device and i get giddy when i think of what new things will be coming next! 🙂