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Thing #18 Web 2.0 awards 2008 December 1

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Sweet Lucy

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this one was fun! i reviewed the site picnik which is also available via flickr. i have a friend who is not very web-savvy and she LOVES picnik. so, i have heard her talk about it, but i’ve never used it. so when i saw it on the list here of award-winners, i had to give it a try.

love it! well, if you have the premium features you can really do a lot, but i like it ’cause it’s like a poor-woman’s photoshop but way easier to use. here i took a picture of my sweet dog, lucy, and i enhanced it several ways. i brighten and sharpened it, then i added a matte feature and then i added some color boost thing to it. it took a somewhat out-of-focus picture and made it much more appealing to look at, although i could look at pictures of my dog all day… 😉

honestly, though, i don’t know how a library could really benefit from this. however, the free parts of it could be made available to our customers where they could come in and edit their photos and then leave happy because they were able to do it so easily and for FREE. does that count?


Thing #6 more flickr!

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i created a flickr badge to give a shout out to the old skool flickr users and i also used the montagr tool to create an awesome photo mosaic. i love how people come up with these photo tools! remember when we thought it was cool just to get your photos arranged in an album? now we can do anything with them. most of the time, i never even make hard copies of my photos; they all exist digitally!


Friday Walk

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Friday Walk

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well, most folks know my love affair with flickr, so if you don’t know, i’ll tell you that i’ve loved it for many years now. i’ve been an old-skool member since around when flickr began and they just keep making it better and better.

this picture was taken this past friday, november 28, while i was out walking in my neighborhood. i pass these three houses all the time and i’ve been meaning to take a picture of them before now, so i’m glad i had my camera on me the day i took this one. i love how they’re all similar in size and style, all in a row and all three are lovely shades of pastel