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Thing #14 the future of libraries and Web 2.0 2008 December 1

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wow. those are some loaded questions i posed for this exercise, eh? to me, library 2.0 is seamless integration of the web into the library, plain and simple. whatever tools it takes to get there is what we need to do. if libraries don’t try to go where their customers are on the web, they’re going to leave us behind. we need to be out there with them. we need to allow customers to create content on our web sites and give them an exciting and engaging library experience.

web 2.0 and library 2.0 are not just about knowing what is out there. it’s knowing what is out there, it’s understanding and interpreting the way people are using that technology and then, translating that into how it would apply to a library’s web site, given the size, circulation and needs of its users. knowing what your users want is a crucial step in trying to figure out what to give them. if you don’t know what they want or what online tools they are using, then you might as well stop trying. i think the more interactive our web sites are, the better able we are to talk to customers, listen to customers, and then give them the library web site they helped create. 🙂