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Thing #11 LibraryThing… by way of Shelfari 2008 December 1

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yes, yes, i’m breaking all my own rules, aren’t i? i’m not using LibraryThing. the reason why i’m not, is because i’ve already used it, so i’m going to use a different tool. i’m going to use Shelfari because some of my friends are on it, and i’ve been playing around with it this past year or so. i can’t say i like it any better or worse than LibraryThing, i just like it because it’s clear and easy to understand and, well, because i’m already established with it.

honestly, if i hadn’t been using either LibraryThing or Shelfari, i can’t say that i’d be able to pick one over the other. they both accomplish the same ends, so i think they are both equally good! i added more than five books to my shelf and it was super easy to do. i love the community aspect of both tools the best, i think. where else can i find out who is reading the same books as me?