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Thing #21 podcasting 2008 December 2

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yeah, maybe another one i’m not so hot about. here’s why: podcasts aren’t very glamorous to me. there’s no pictures or shiny objects flashing to hold my attention, so i really think that podcasts aren’t always as effective as videos. i kind of feel they’ve gone by the wayside, except in those cases where maybe all someone wants is audio. but i want more than audio! Podcasting reminds me of when people would gather ’round the wireless to hear the latest episode of “The Shadow” or something. why does it seem so archaic to me now in these days of instant videos?

i can see libraries using podcasts for things like driving directions, tours of facilities, and storytimes, even though i think more interaction and engagement happens with video. i’m not all down on podcasting. when The Wizard and i went to Internet Librarian ’08, we met Greg Schwartz. he has a regular podcast called Uncontrolled Vocabulary, which is excellent for professional development in the world of libraries. in this aspect, i can see where podcasting is beneficial. it’s cheap and easy and quick. no need for video cameras or proper lighting or anything like that, just record and go. for libraries, i could see where a regular podcast from the director might be a neat thing.