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Thing #9 finding feeds 2008 December 1

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since i’ve switched to Google Reader now and need to build up my feeds, i started my searching on technorati. i’ve used technorati before and prefer it, so there. 😉 so i did a search for “columbus metropolitan library” to start things off and found some things from when i was at the Internet Librarian conference last month and about our recent number-one-ranking, so that was pretty cool. i’ll be honest, though, putting in “library” or “libraries” just gives you an unmanageable list of matches, so i think you really have to narrow it down a little. to me, the best way to find the library blogs i want to read are by attending conferences, reading professional literature, and talking to my colleagues. searching via technorati is good for mining data related to a specific library or issue, but if i’m looking for general blogs for my own development, i don’t know if i’m really going to do it this way. just sayin’, is all…