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Thing #13 delicious tagging! 2008 December 1

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oh, i love delicious! i’ve been using delicious for a few years now. i used to use it to keep track of new web 2.0 technologies that other libraries were implementing. most recently, i’ve used it to keep track of all the learn & play sites and tools we are doing and all my CONTENTdm web sites. i can be in a meeting and someone will ask a question about a particular site and, instead of trying to find the specific page on google, i can go to my delicious bookmarks and find the exact page i need. i love the delicious toolbar add-on in firefox and use it a lot. i like how my most-recent bookmarks will appear up in my toolbar so there’s no need to even go to the delicious web site to retrieve them. it’s like delicious made itself even more useful that it already was when it created the delicious toolbar!