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Thing #23 it’s the end! 2008 December 2

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so i did the majority of my 23 Things in two days. i didn’t want to have to do it like that, but i was busy with program details during the largest part of the program, so i guess i take what time i can get, you know? let me run through the questions we are supposed to answer:

  • my favorite discoveries from this learning journey have to be my awesome coworkers here at CML! i’ve discovered PEOPLE! i’ve discovered that i work with an amazing array of talented people and i feel incredibly fortunate. the connections i’ve made as a result of learn and play will stay with me forever. it was also really great to see the excitement from staff as we went through the program
  • this program has assisted me lifelong-learning goals by solidifying how important it is to never stop learning.
  • the biggest take-away and unexpected outcome was how i made new friendships from this program. i didn’t realize everyone would take to twitter so well, or that everyone would like the learn and play videos and actually want to do them with gerald and i. it’s just an incredible feeling of happiness. 🙂
  • i’m not sure what could have been done differently… i know it took a LOT of time on my part to get things ready and maybe i didn’t anticipate all the work that would be involved, but it was highly rewarding work!
  • of course i would participate again! i’ve been trying to spread the Web 2.0 gospel for years now, so it was right up my alley to participate in learn and play.

i think, hands down, this was the most fun i’ve had at the library in the 18 years i’ve worked here. thank you to CML, from admin to staff to the Friends, thank you for letting us Learn & Play!!!!!!!


Thing #19 the power tools page!

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i ❤ the power tools page! not just because i helped create it, but because it finally gives some recognition to Web 2.0 stuff on our site, and because the tools here are so awesome. the toolbar i’m especially proud of because it really promotes CML’s services in one easy-to-access spot. it was shockingly easy to find and create!

of the links in the “tool box,” i know we covered some of them, but i’ll talk about book burro. i like book burro because you can find out other libraries’ holdings for books that you are browsing on the interwebs. book burro automatically recognizes ISBNs and will pop a small box with the libraries listed. you can add and delete the list of libraries that appear in the box. CML is available; they have us listed as “Columbus Public Library,” but at least we’re there. I like using book burro with firefox, of course, as you can modify it right from the “tools” settings in the browser. you can add book stores and libraries in book burro.

so here’s how it works: i’m searching amazon and i find a title i like. i’m on the page for the item and here comes book burro. it pops up and automatically starts searching whatever book stores and libraries i have designated and then the availability for the item is displayed in the popup box. the box sort of floats over the page and you can close it in case it’s annoying you. so it kind of works like out catalog search in the library toolbar, but, with book burro, you don’t even have to enter the title of the book. it knows when you’re looking for a book! i have to disable it when i’m entering titles for featured book on the homepage because, again, it senses an ISBN and it springs into action!

well, that’s my evaluation of book burro. give it a try! use it with firefox because it works best there (duh) and is available as a nifty plugin.


Thing #18 Web 2.0 awards 2008 December 1

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Sweet Lucy

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this one was fun! i reviewed the site picnik which is also available via flickr. i have a friend who is not very web-savvy and she LOVES picnik. so, i have heard her talk about it, but i’ve never used it. so when i saw it on the list here of award-winners, i had to give it a try.

love it! well, if you have the premium features you can really do a lot, but i like it ’cause it’s like a poor-woman’s photoshop but way easier to use. here i took a picture of my sweet dog, lucy, and i enhanced it several ways. i brighten and sharpened it, then i added a matte feature and then i added some color boost thing to it. it took a somewhat out-of-focus picture and made it much more appealing to look at, although i could look at pictures of my dog all day… 😉

honestly, though, i don’t know how a library could really benefit from this. however, the free parts of it could be made available to our customers where they could come in and edit their photos and then leave happy because they were able to do it so easily and for FREE. does that count?


Thing #14 the future of libraries and Web 2.0

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wow. those are some loaded questions i posed for this exercise, eh? to me, library 2.0 is seamless integration of the web into the library, plain and simple. whatever tools it takes to get there is what we need to do. if libraries don’t try to go where their customers are on the web, they’re going to leave us behind. we need to be out there with them. we need to allow customers to create content on our web sites and give them an exciting and engaging library experience.

web 2.0 and library 2.0 are not just about knowing what is out there. it’s knowing what is out there, it’s understanding and interpreting the way people are using that technology and then, translating that into how it would apply to a library’s web site, given the size, circulation and needs of its users. knowing what your users want is a crucial step in trying to figure out what to give them. if you don’t know what they want or what online tools they are using, then you might as well stop trying. i think the more interactive our web sites are, the better able we are to talk to customers, listen to customers, and then give them the library web site they helped create. 🙂